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The Rundown

Shamanism & Plant Medicines

Since 2014, journeying with plant medicines in the traditions of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle of Peru and Brazil and the Andes.

Journeying and dietas with Ubus and Bobinsana under the guidance of Alonso del Rio, Noya Rao with Manuela Mahua from the Shipibo indigenous tribes. Ceremonial journeying under the guidance of Ascensia Sanchex Canayo and Francisco & Maricella Inuma (Shipibo, Peru), Leo Cortez (Brazil), Ge Marques (Brazil), Yawanawa people (Brazil), Kucho, Don Hernan, Leslie Myburgh and other guides in Holland and USA.


2008 / 2009 Yantra Art as tools for meditation with Peter Welteverde as taught by Harish Johari, Haridwar, India

2015 Summer school at the Heatherly School of Fine Arts, London, UK

2016 Summer school at Bellas Artes School of Fine Arts, Cusco, Peru

         Workshops at Middleton Art Center, Middleton, CA

2017 Neo-Amazonian art in the style of Pablo Amaringo at Usko Ayar School of Arts, Pucallpa, Peru

2017 Osho Art Therapy Training as created by Meera Hashimoto, Spain

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