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The Body Stories

The body, shame, and eros - An art and narrative series

This is a work in progress series that I started in Peru in 2019 which I will continue to develop over the course of 2019 or until I have a substantial number of women participating to reach the depth and diversity that I desire.

Through this two-part series Art and Narrative series, I wish to reveal, re-examine and question the notions of beauty, the body and eros.

I am choosing to focus this series on women since me being a woman, I feel more intimate and empathy to this subject. It is not my intention to make this a feminist project, exclude men or to suggest that men do not have similar / other challenges.

The narrative is the woman's story of journeying through questioning the projected ideas of beauty and the body, how it has affected her, her erotic potential and her self-esteem in the way she shows up to play in this world. This is the story of her journey to build self-acceptance in a world that thrives off women feeling insecure through an array of mixed messages received from childhood to adulthood from various sources (media, family, friends, culture, significant relationships etc)

What hurt? What stuck? What appears false? How can she / has she find self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love?

What has been / is her journey to take the step to be free from the painful suffering from years of feeling not enough, not feeling attractive, feeling rejected and to embrace herself just as she is?


This narrative could take the form of poetry, audio or musings.

The Art  is an abstract painting and / or sketches of my perception of the woman, preferably in nude or semi-nude without any props, make-up and get-up. It will be aimed at revealing what is uncomfortable and what is vulnerable. 

The Process of engaging with me for this project will start with a conversation where I will learn more about you and whether you fit into this series. This will be followed by a deeper conversation and a sketching session.

What am I looking for?

- If you feel excited / feel strongly abut this topic

- Or would like to share your story through this series

- Or you might find it beneficial to go through this process of revealing yourself through Art

then contact me.

There is no payment or trade for participation. The material you reveal will be used in any artefacts that I produce. Identity will be kept anonymous.​ I invite women of all genders and sexual orientation.

Reach out through the Contact page if this inspires you in anyway to participate or collaborate.

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