Between the black and white,

Lies a multitude of colors.

White, refracted through the prism of 

thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences.


Leaving the prism to dissolve into nothingness.

Into the black.


Rendering the story irrelevant.

What remains is the outcome,

to be felt.

Welcome to my color palette.


2019   'Migrants & Identity' - exhibited in group show titled 'The Immigrant Show' at Casa del Tunel - Centro de Arte y Cultura,                                         Tijuana, Mexico hosted by NFIA - La Fundacion Nacional de Artistas Independientes (ongoing)

           'The Mayan Prophecy' - a mural painted on the border wall between Tijuana and San Diego as part of the 'Mural de Hermanidad' initiative               by Mexican artist Enrique Chiu (ongoing)

           'Fragile Dreams' - mixed media exhibited in a group show RESTORE at the Middletown Art Center, California, USA

2018   A series of acrylic paintings at Cafe Carvalho, Cusco Peru (ongoing)

2018   A series of acrylic paintings at Lili of the Valley Cafe, Pisac, Peru

Publication / Articles

2019 "My 12 Moon Journal: A Guided Journal for Creative Self-Exploration", Paperback available on Amazon.

         "My 12 Moon Journal Guidebook: A Guide for Creative Self-Exploration", eBook for Kindle available on Amazon.

         "ZenLife Journal no.1" created by Julie Diem, featuring 13 of my artworks available on Amazon.

         "ZenLife Notebook no.1" created by Julie Diem, featuring 13 of my artworks now available on Amazon.

2019 Poetries "My Sacred Tool" and "Naked" - Published in a chapbook RESTORE by Middletown Art Center, California, USA in collection         of poems with 20 other writers 

2018 Article "Where are you from?" - Published on YourLifeIsATrip.com, a website for experiential storytelling and narrative travel writing.



2019 Handmade paper making using local and regional materials with Maestro Enrique Ramirez at Taller de Papel Artesanal, Oaxaca, Mexico

         Frescoes With Maestro Jesus Gonzalez Guiterrez at Escuela de Muralismo, Oaxaca, Mexico

         Natural pigments with Maestro Jose Manuel Loera Fernandez at Tlapanochestli Colorantes Naturales, Oaxaca, Mexico

         Natural dyes with Swiss textile designer Stefanie Salzmann at Centro de las Artes de San Agustin, Oaxaca, Mexico

         Paper Collage Art with Collage Artist Douglas Devivo at Blue Door Art Gallery and Studio, Guerneville, CA

         Conceptualize and begin the Art and Narrative series on Women, Body, Shame & Eros

2018  Live Model Sketching with artist Pranoto Ahmad Raji at his studio in Bali, Indonesia

2017 Neo-Amazonian art in the style of Pablo Amaringo at Usko Ayar School of Arts, Pucallpa, Peru

         Abstract art with Artist Hines, San Rafael, California

         Osho Art Therapy Training as created by Meera Hashimoto, Bilboa, Spain

2016 Summer school at Bellas Artes School of Fine Arts, Cusco, Peru

         Workshops at Middleton Art Center, Middletown, CA

2015 Summer school at the Heatherly School of Fine Arts, London, UK

2013 Croqui workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 Yantra Art as tools for meditation with Peter Welteverde from Netherlands (as taught by Harish Johari, Haridwar, India)


Bhavana has about 20 years of work experience in the field of Software Technology which enabled her to live and work in the Silicon Valley of California and in EU, exposing her to the flavours, tastes and sensibilities of different cultures in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Her LinkedIn profile will provide more details on this aspect of her professional career.

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