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Emotive Art ©

I am offering a combination of Emotive Art and Movement together with Yoga and self-inquiry for integration with healing retreats such as medicine work and/or combining with other wellness retreats.

I combine embodiment and grounding practices such as movement and yoga with self-inquiry leading into Emotive Art as a tool for self-expression. Now art becomes a channel to translate what comes up in terms of feelings, emotions and primal urges into colors on paper.

What is inside is able to come outside when we give in to primal innocence and non-judgement.

The inner landscape appears on the outside in the form of colors and patterns.

And there is no need for further analysis and therapy. Healing and integration happens through the medium of colors which have their own vibration.

What is expressed in the moment is exactly what needs to be released.

This is the unique you in the moment. Perfect in imperfection.

The call here is to play more and recover our child-like innocence, allowing us to be freed from fear of judgement and go into instinctual guidance which can also be called as a place of No Mind. It is a process of unlearning traditional concepts of Art and moving towards a child like spontaneity. It asks you to dare, to have the courage to make a brush stroke or choose a color against the traditional concepts, to peel back layers of conditioning to find your core, your own freedom and your own unique expression. In this process Emotive Art also becomes a tool for self-discovery and connects us to the spiritual dimension.

One also discovers that the creative potential and creativity is infinite and we connect with the Creator's infinite potential which starts to flow our own light prism creating a unique expression of us.

More about my background can be found here.

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